Sunday, February 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Well, my attire wasn't much this week.  I think it needed a scarf or long sweater something.  This is the colorful jewelry my parents gave me for my birthday, the best part of the outfit!

Once again, a peasant skirt (with a faded navy tee).  Are you noticing a theme?  Maybe one day I'll squeeze into my fitted skirts and slacks again.  I wore a cream colored cardigan at church, but I don't think it added anything to the outfit.  Well, there's always next Sunday!

In more interesting news, we had our house blessed on Friday night!  I think there were 50 of us here for a soup supper and great social time.  Amazingly, it wasn't too crazy with all these dozens of kids!  They were mostly in the backyard and upstairs.  A few families started the evening with a backyard Stations of the Cross by candles and flashlights, which was really nice.  We'll probably do that a few more times during Lent, and try to attend our parish Stations most Fridays.

For my Lenten reflection today, I'll share the polyphony we sung during Communion this morning, "Desidero Mi Jesu":

These beautiful Latin songs help to lift our souls unto Christ.  The lyrics of this read:

"I desire, O my Jesus
That you would refresh me
On this the food of angels
Make me, my kind Jesus
Always worthily approach
To this divine repast.
Let this food a nutriment,
Let this drink a nourishment,
Be unto my soul.
Let it give grace while I breathe,
In my final agony,
Be it a pledge of future glory."

So many beautiful ancient hymns and prayers of our church speak the eloquent words that our hearts long to say to Our Lord.  In our busy days of motherhood, singing and praying these can be our opportunity to lift our hearts to God when our earthly bodies can barely mutter "Abba."

Thank you for the gift of our Holy Church, O Heavenly Father.  May we be united together during this Lenten season, in prayer, in fasting, in almsgiving, and in the sacraments.  May our prayers and sacrifices for our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI allow him to be at peace during this time, and may our Cardinals, led by the Holy Spirit, be of one heart in choosing his successor.

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Shannon said...

Your parents have great taste in jewelry! And how exciting it is to get your house blessed. It didn't even occur to me to make a gathering out of our house blessing. We kept Father all to ourselves, chatting him up, feeding him and doing a beer tasting. Yup. It's our way.

Unknown said...

Love your skirt. Fabulous color and the accessories are sweet.
Yay for getting your home blessed. Isn't it lovely. I will always remember ours. I felt so much better after it was done. Peaceful even.
Sounds like your having a very fruitful Lent. Awesome!

Rosie said...

That jewelry is fab! And I feel you on the peasant skirts - they're so comfy, but I always have trouble making them look really put-together... I definitely think the jewelry adds a lot.

Unknown said...

The jewelry is beautiful and there is nothing more comfy that a long flowy skirt! I never thought about making a gathering of a house blessing either, but what an amazing day!

Hani said...

It sounds like a wonderful evening. Can I ask how you did the backyard Stations of the Cross? That sounds like a good idea for the moms' group I lead.

Kathryn said...

The jewelry is awesome, Blair. So colorful - matches your smile :) House blessings are one of the best parts of being Catholic. So much joy. Have a great week!

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