Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Motivation, Monday Daybook

Outside my's overcast but a great temperature with a little breeze.  The kids just finished lunch and are eating popcorn and making up songs on the back porch.  (These photos are from a park in Rockport a few weekends ago)

I am thankful...for family and friends.  I wish we were closer to our extended family, but our own family is growing in many ways here in our new city.  We have met lots of friends and were blessed to share in the house blessing with so many of them on Friday.


In the kitchen...will be leftovers tonight!  Steven made a chicken pasta dish last night, and we also have leftover potato soup from Friday night.  Hoping to move to some more healthy meals this Lent.  I need to make a list of favorites and some new ideas.  Also, trying to add in more healthy snacks.  Tommy is eating a smoothie right now, and I have been making healthier popcorn for snacks (but today the popcorn was totally not healthy because Steven bought bagged butter popcorn from the store and we're out of kernels).

I am pants and a maternity tee.  My non-maternity shirts seem to shrink up and end up being too short for my long torso and lingering belly from the babies.  I'd love to exercise today but I wasn't up to 5:30am Zumba; not sure if I'll get a workout in today.  Starting to think that a treadmill is the way to go.

Sunday Dinner at our new table.  Yay!

I am creating...ideas for our new schoolroom/dining room decor!  Some amazing friends offered to watch all four of our kids for the entire day on Saturday (7:30am-11:30pm)!  We went to Austin to pick up this dining table we'd been eying on Craigslist for weeks.  It's solid and big and beautiful with a long bench, and we also found a great deal on two cherry bookshelves at a fantastic consignment store in Austin.  We went on a wild goose chase after an armoire that was totally shabby, overpriced, and falling apart, and wasted over an hour of our precious time.  Hoping to find one nearby to contain the rest of our schoolroom junk.  We did have fun driving around Austin; it's so beautiful and has so many lovely neighborhoods!  The downtown area is great with so many parks and restaurants and places to walk around.  Maybe next time when we'll hit some of the hot spots!

I am ballet again tonight.  That's our main outing during the first part of our weeks.  Yesterday was a full afternoon of Alice in Wonderland rehearsals.  Their show is in less than 2 weeks and hopefully both sets of grandparents will be coming to visit that weekend!  It'll be nice to have a ballet break after that since we're skipping the recital.  It has been a lot with the Nutcracker and this Alice ballet, plus their twice weekly classes, and all across town.  The studio doesn't have an indoor or outdoor area where I can be with the boys, so it has been quite a challenge to coordinate the drop offs and pick ups and park visits for everyone.  Hoping and praying they'll consider trying out another studio this summer.

Boys watching a movie.  Steven ran into a tree at nature club and has a scratch all the way from above his eyebrow down around his neck!

I am looking forward an Essential Oils class at my house later this week.  I have a friend who is selling the DoTerra Essential Oils and I've attended one of her classes, but am still hoping to learn more and maybe purchase some for our family.

Woke up this morning to this....too funny!

Around the house...working on that school/dining room!  I unpacked my grandma's china and put it in one of the glass-front kitchen cabinets, and slowly we're getting through the rest of the boxes of board games, puzzles, and books!  Also finding new spots for artwork like this...

One of my favorite things...

Monday Motivation!
Goals from last week:
1. Bills, update budget
2. Daily readings on Laudate
3. Decide Lenten commitments
4. Workout 3 times
5. Valentine Breakfast
6. House blessing and Stations-Email and also email for Essential Oil party
7. Plans for Nature Club
8. Ash Wednesday Mass
9. Meals: leftovers, beef and broccoli with leftovers, pizza, rotisserie chicken crockpot into casserole, 2 meatless meals!
(potato soup?, potluck)

Goals for this week:
1. Bills, update budget
2. Daily readings
3. One weekly mass
4. Workout 2x (I only made 1 last week, so I figure 2 is a better goal for now!)
5. Reminder email and snacks for DoTerra party
6. Start reading about clean eating
7. Finish school/dining room organization
8. Make phone call for First Holy Communion
9. Meals: leftovers, chicken crockpot into casserolex2, breakfast for dinner, grill, pizza


Jill said...

You got some nice bokeh in these shots! :)
The flowers cracked me up. And I hear you on the whole long torso thing. I have a hard time finding shirts that are long enough!

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