Thursday, February 14, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} St. Valentine's Day Edition!

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Our St. Valentine's Day started with a pretty breakfast 
with heart-shaped cinnamon rolls, which has become our new tradition.

I just used 2 cans of cinnamon rolls and unrolled them a bit to form hearts.
This year I was actually planning to make homemade rolls 
for the first time since before we had kids!  
But the yeast was bad when I started at midnight, 
so I had to run to the store for the canned ones at 5:30 this morning!

The kids had remembered our breakfast from last year,

so they were excited for another special celebration!

...even though it was 6:30am!

Later in the day was a beautiful St. Francis Nature Club at the Botanical Gardens.

The kids were happy to celebrate St. Valentine's Day with our homeschool group
a little early. We had the party last Friday.  Here are Mary Clare's
adorable origami Valentines.

Ellie made some simple little cards in envelopes with lollipops.

Steven and Thomas had the cutest Valentines that my mom created,
and we filled with bubble gum.  But I didn't get any photos!

Here are what they looked like, but with a sports tag and the boys' names
24 Valentine Candy Favor Set

Later that day after the Valentines party, Thomas was happy playing in the street

and at the park

This past Saturday, we spent the afternoon
at a nearby bay resort town and went to their science center.
This giant crab was across the street.

Thomas wouldn't get near it.
"That big giant dinosaur crab gonna bite me!!!"

Meanwhile, the girls and Steven listened to a fascinating science film
that was projected onto a sphere.

She's got the whole world in her hands!

I was taking pictures around the house today
and thought some couple photos would be real appropriate for Valentine's Day!
These are all in mini frames on a wall shelf by our bed.

Our first date:

Our wedding day:

and what may be my favorite photo of my
maternal grandparents, Doris and Al.
Aren't they precious?

Hope your day was filled with love and laughter,
and all things pretty, funny, happy, and real!


Pie Mama’s said...

Lovely, Blair! I couldn't stop smiling while reading this post:) Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world!

Andrea said...

I love your pictures! Especially the one of your grandparents.
And the heart shaped cinnamon rolls are so fun! You are such a good mama. I must remember those for next year!

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