Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Monday Motivation on my Birthday

 two sweet memories from the weekend :-)

Ah, Monday.  A friend on Facebook shared today that her kids' school has late arrival every Monday at 10:15!  Not that we have an official starting time for school, but I think Mondays should totally be slow mornings or else each family member may have a crying episode before noon. 

So, the day started with a Happy Birthday kiss before Steven left for work, and then some slow wake-ups by each kid.  I got into a nice steamy bubble bath while the boys were still asleep, although like always they wake in the middle and whine at the side of the tub for something.

Eventually I had to share the "devastating" news that the homeschool Valentines Party is in 4 days and will work different than we're used to.  Cue: hysterical sobbing and an inconsolable child.  They've been working on plans for their Valentine cards and treats for a couple weeks now, so to find out that the way that Valentines will be distributed (to everyone and not by age groups, so there may be many more Valentines needed) took some adjustment and re-thinking of plans (and a quick order to my mom for some more candy).  They're fine now, but it's just a reminder that we can't control everything and sometimes moving to a new place helps us to be flexible and learn to adjust, me most of all!

We had another incident with a child sobbing like he was seriously injured only to find out that it was because his sister wouldn't give him a Tic Tac.  And all the usual daily drama, which was just accentuated by my emotional self who just wanted to be pampered and loved on today.  So I moped and spent some time in bed, and tried to convince everyone that they needed to listen to me, please because it's my birthday!  I think we were all depressed after having such a fun weekend with our friends.  It's always a let-down when visitors leave.  Schoolwork wasn't really finished but we got most of it done and then rushed off super late for ballet.

I was consoling myself with daydreams of a possible trip with Steven only to get into the car and find a flyer while trying to clean up a yogurt spill.  A flyer that said the girls' ballet recital is the day of the event we were hoping to attend in May.  So, some more discernment needed there.  I think it could actually help with my dance school concerns in the end, but we'll see.

With some time at the park with the boys, then visiting with moms at the ballet school, the day finally took a turn for the good.  Steven met the kids and I for a lovely pizza dinner at Grimaldi's, which they had in our old area but we never tried it out.  It was so very good and was topped off with a delicious Oreo cheesecake and a walk around the mall.  I even stopped to get that hair trim I've been wanting!  I did some browsing while the crew headed home.  I followed 10 minutes later to find all the kids (except the toddler, of course) in bed!

And now I continue to update Facebook and see the happy messages from friends near and far.  It's so neat to be connected with not only current friends, but friends of my childhood, classmates, and dance class friends from many moons ago.  Our lives may be drastically different, but for each to take a few seconds to wish me a Happy Birthday means a lot.  Like everyone says, the birthday wishes are one of the best parts of Facebook!

So now the day is almost over and I'm officially 35.  Maybe it won't be such a bad age after all.  Older and wiser, right?

Goals from last week:
1. Bills, update budget
2. DENTIST (I just found a hole in the side of my tooth, yikes!)
3. Workout DAILY to prep for 5K
4. Clothes for 5K
5. Daily Readings on Laudate
6. Finish putting away Christmas decor and CLEAN HOUSE and yard for guests
7. Prep guest room

8. Meals: Baked chicken, pizza, breakfast for dinner, Calabaza con Pollo, lasagna
9. Blog posts: WIWS, backyard, prettyhappyfunnyreal, circus, 5K!

Goals for this week:
1. Bills, update budget
2. Daily readings on Laudate
3. Consider Lenten commitments
4. Workout 2x
5. Weekend plans...table?
6. Laundry
7. Valentines prep
8. One daily mass
9. Sewing plans...master curtains
10. Meals: out for bday, spaghetti, breakfast for dinner, enchiladas, baked chicken, chicken salad


Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Blair!!! I hope the celebration continues for you! :)

Andrea said...

I love the photo at the run! SO fun! Happy happy birthday!

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