Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Finally, new (used) furniture for the schoolroom/diningroom!

Here's a "Before" picture:
Moving boxes, folding chairs, and our old painted-on table.

We got two pretty matching bookshelves and 
I finally unpacked the books from the garage late tonight.

And we found another wild-goose-chase Craigslist armoire last night.
The guy told me it was solid wood.  We drove half an hour.
It's not solid wood.  But it's huge and can contain all our stuff!
Steven miraculously was able to fit this monster in the minivan!

It's a giant but needed spot for school stuff, art supplies, 
puzzles, games and manipulatives!

Silly boy was "sweeping" the backyard yesterday.
He wanted me to take his picture!

Ah, that face!  He's too cute.
But not so cute right now awake at 12:12am.
We're weaning again.  Let's see if it works this time.
It has been 48 hours, but Daddy isn't here to help in the night.
Wish me luck!

MC asleep on the couch

Ellie and Tommy on the floor beside our bed, 
watching a movie on the iPhone and reading Thomas the Train.

Anyone else's MASTER bath look like this?
These are not my clothes!!!

Hope you're finding some pretty, happy, funny, and real things in your life this week!


Tacy said...

oooh... i love your dining room furniture, and I like those maps. they look pretty to me.

Crafty P said...

I agree... that's just the sort of table I'm after and with a BENCH! AH, I so need a bench for all these crazy boys I have. must have more seating. Great Craigslist find! Have a blessed day!

Rebecca said...

What a DIFFERENCE in your dining room! It looks GREAT! (Visiting from {P,H,F,R} and so glad I did!

Lindsey Gallant said...

What a great table! Good luck with the weaning... I am about to try some night weaning with one of mine!

Rebekah Es said...

Oh my goodness, that is exactly what beside my bed looks like every night! I think that is their favorite place to be in our whole house. Your dining room/schoolroom is amazing and your little guy is adorable. Good luck tonight.

Melissa D. said...

dining room looks great! I bet many wonderful family meals and lots of learning will take place!

Melissa D. said...

also, all of your children are beautiful, but "tommy" sweeping the yard is ADORABLE!

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