Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Color Me Rad!

I would definitely recommend a color run to anyone who's considering it!  We all had so much fun, and it was perfect weather in South Texas for something like this!  There were 6 ladies and 8 girls on our team, although we split up a bit during the actual run.  I bought white undershirts and bandanas for everyone, plus some tube socks for the ladies!  Some of the kids added decorations to their shirts.  Next time we'll definitely plan a before-party to get our shirts and everything ready!  Here are some photos from the real camera (large size) and iPhone (smaller).  Such a RAD day!

At our house before leaving with our friends who came to visit for the weekend

The entire "BBBT" Blair B's Birthday Team :)

There was a gal running in her wedding dress!

Photos that Steven took at the halfway point with the boys!

Some of the slow-poke walkers!

We're really running this, we are!!!

The team after we finished!

Colorful braids for MC and Ellie!


I will say that some of our things got stained, even after some soaking and bleach, so I guess we'll save those items for future runs!  Hopefully I've gotten most of it out of our shoes.

After the run we met the guys at the after-party at the resaurant next door, but it was a total zoo with hundreds of people, so we went on to another restaurant.  It was still crowded and after a 30 minute wait in line, and then we had to wait over an hour for our food.  We were famished when we finally ate around 2:30!

Thanks to all my sweet friends and their girls who ran/walked with us.  We hope to do it again!

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