Sunday, January 08, 2012

Thank You

Thanks to all my sweet friends and blog readers who sent encouraging messages to me over the past few days.  I try not to whine too much on the blog, but I also think it's good to be honest about the struggles of family life so as to not paint a picture-perfect life here.  Living out our vocation to the married life isn't always flowery, especially in the thick of difficult circumstances and life changes.  But I know many of you have been through this all before and made it out on the other side.  You've moved cross-country and overseas, you've been through surgeries and job changes and illness and all the things we face in family life.  It's nice to know that others will encourage, support, and pray us through our difficulties, while recognizing that yeah, it's really no fun.  But we'll get through it!

God's grace is sufficient.  He is so generous.  He knows just how much I can handle and when I need a pick-me-up.  After typing that blog post, I woke up to a wonderful day on Thursday.  We went to the museum with three other homeschool families with very similar-aged children and had lunch at the park together.  Mary Clare willingly tried the ballet class that evening (with just a small bribe :), and wants to go back!  She's even more excited about it than Ellie.  On Friday we went to evening mass and First Friday Potluck dinner.  Saturday has been a day of cleaning and organizing, taking the kids to use some Target gift cards, and attending a baby shower.  I even got a new spray mop, how exciting!  My floors are clean for a few hours!

I know it will take some months before this city starts to feel like home.  But in the meantime we are making friends through our parish and our homeschool group, going on lots of fun family outings, and trying our hardest to make our home a happy place.  It's not easy though.  I'm not a home-body, and am the type of person who gets my energy and joy from being out and keeping busy.  Spending day after day at home with all the kids, homeschooling, and doing the regular homemaker duties gets very monotonous for me.  And the kids start to fight after so many days at home.  We're ready to start a few activities, make some friends and have some playdates and parties!  First on the agenda will be planning a house-blessing!

And to prove that this isn't the most miserable place on earth...just look at these photos from our drive to the museum!  Isn't it pretty? 


NelliFamily said...

I love that you are by the water and we would love to come visit. My parents used to vacation there and my memories are very happy. By the way, did you make it to 1000 blessings? I got the book for Christmas.

Julia said...

SO pretty! It reminds me of where I grew up. I took those views for granted and now I miss them so much! I want to thank YOU for your honesty because it brings so many of us courage and strength. I will particularly need to remember this post once we cross over to the other side ourselves. Blessings on you and your family, Blair. You will make a beautiful new life in CC, enjoy the adventure!!!

Rich said...

I think of it like this:

Corpus Christi became a better place when the Baileys moved there.

It really is a neat city once you get used to it. I have so many cherished memories of Corpus Christi growing up and visiting cousins there. Crabbing, swimming in the bay, Mustang Island, building sand castles, Midnight Mass at the Cathedral, the T-heads, ......

We will have to come and visit my aunt again. That way we can stop by and see you guys. I checked on a map, and her house is only two blocks away from you guys! How cool is that? We could walk over to meet up and see the casa. She's the principal at the nearby parochial school, and she lives right behind it so she can get to work easily.

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