Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mary Clare's 9th Birthday

From the time we first started talking about moving, Mary Clare was insistent that she would have her 9th birthday party with her friends back home.  She had been planning to have a board game party at my parents' house with a few girl friends. 
But since my mom was very sick all week, we ended up having the party at our favorite park in "the woods," still bringing some games as well as scooters and skates to enjoy at the park.  When they won a game, they got some pennies to get candy out of Ellie's new gumball machine...all the kids loved that!
Since it no longer had to be a drop-off indoor party, we had some siblings join along.  The night before, we stayed with the K family, who were so generous in helping us pull everything together, offering their serving platters and even putting together party bags about a half hour before it started! 
Party was at 10am, and Mary Clare and I rushed out to the store at 8am to buy all the goods.  We were really able to pull things together quickly!  She had a fun morning; it was a totally gorgeous day, and we were grateful for her sweet friends who were able to come and celebrate! 
Even though she'd been sick, NeNe still was able to have a candy stick bouquet with personalized tags for Mary Clare.  There were lots of colorful candies, fruit, and presents!
The kids had some races in the tennis courts and played Guesstures (charades). 
 The littlest ones seemed to enjoy the candy the most!
SJ really wanted to help put on the candles, but big sis wanted to do this all herself!
Happy Friends!
It was so windy, it was hard to keep the candles lit!
SJ enjoyed going off on his own and continually scaring Mommy when I couldn't find him!  Over and over again, "You MUST stay with people you know!"
The skate park is a fun place to hang out!
Hmmm, I always seem to have a photo of Baby with a slice of pizza.
Checking out the checkers game...
And a sweet big sister to help with little Thomas!  She even babysat the kids the night before while we went to a very late dinner date with her parents!  Thanks, Johanna!
The birthday girl opening all her fun gifts...everything from craft and bead kits to bath soaps, to inline skates!  What a special day!
Mary Clare, you are a bright girl with some very big aspirations.  Right now you are really hoping to go to medical school and be a pediatrician.  Today while in Target, you were commenting on how fun it will be when you're a mom and get to decorate a nursery for your baby (only a baby girl, that is, but I say that God will give what you need!).  I look forward to walking along the journey with you.  Whatever you become, I know you will do some great things for God.  May He guide your steps and lead you to his perfect will.

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Melissa D. said...

looks like a wonderful celebration of MC!!! very fun!

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