Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday Daybook

On a late Monday night,

I find myself:
::Noticing God's glory
Sitting in a quiet house, after a fulfilling day.  We had amazing weather today, breezy and sunny, and our homeschooling day went fairly well.  I breathed in the ocean air and spend some time just sitting outdoors.  The kids, too, found it a great day to work and play outside.  It was nice and relaxing to be home after a full 5 days of traveling and dentist, doctor, birthday and friend visits. 

::Listening to
The wind chime outside and my ticking clock on the shelf.  It's rare I have a moment to hear these things.  Tonight the noise at the dinner table was almost too much to handle.  That's why I love being up late at night!  Many times I've had a fussy, teething baby on my lap so I couldn't blog.  But tonight I am alone.

::Clothing myself in
A t-shirt filled with memories.  My LaVida shirt which I believe dates back to early high school.  On the back it says, "One love celebration*Feelin' free throughout every united nation*ONE BRIGHT DAY."  There are many memories tied to this shirt...Galveston beach youth group trips, college computer lab and getting my first email account...LaVida...TheLife.

::Giving thanks for
Two lovely phone calls with local homeschooling moms.  Connections are starting to happen and I trust that we are going to find our little niche with fun activities and some good friends here soon.  Also giving thanks that the dental work for the girls is done, and that Steven Joseph got a great report from the cardiologist, so we don't have to go back for a year!  Praise God!

::Pondering prayerfully
Enjoying my children and our homeschooling days.  I've been in a rut for a long while, and I need to change things up.  I need to set a positive tone.  I need to let them paint and create and give them opportunities at home to do things that are exciting and meaningful.  I need to remember our Alphabet Path year and the excitement those days held.  Can you tell I've been with Charlotte Mason friends recently?

::Turning the pages of this book
Oh, when will I get back to reading?  I read a dyslexia book recently, but haven't read a for-fun book in awhile.  By next Monday, I'll find something on one of these shelves!

::Creating by hand
The girls started making adorable felt dolls like this at their homemaking club "back home" on Friday.  They have a lot to finish, and I am going to make it a point to help them, and to finish some of my own sewing projects.  I'd like to: applique the stockings, embroider the stockings, make a tree skirt, and make a bed skirt for our master bedroom.

::Learning lessons in
Patience.  Aren't we always?  I was such a patient person before having children, and even with one and two children.  From the moment the kids get up, there are messes and fighting and whining, and I need to take a deep breath and realize that a spilled breakfast, a broken glass, or an elaborate craft. 

::Encouraging learning
They painted today, and we tried to complete a plaster mold craft kit this morning, which didn't go as planned, but we tried.  We're working on spelling and grammar and handwriting and enjoying these new workbooks right now.  I'll be re-working our curriculum for next year over the coming months.  This week the girls have a science class through the aquarium, and they've been doing a lot of bird watching.  Lots of science and nature opportunities here!

::Carefully creating rhythm
Trying to get back into an earlier bedtime and earlier wake-up.  Adjusting nap times for baby who had switched to one, but today took two, naps.  Starting our schoolwork after breakfast before crafting and games and play around the house can happen.  But making sure there is time to create, both art and music.  Today, a moment of sweet guitar songs.  Working on music plans, maybe violin.  They are enjoying the handbells they got from their godparents, and still playing silent night on the piano.  It makes me smile.

::Begging prayers
For Leroy, our friend Gordon's father, who passed away today after a battle with cancer.  For Hans, our sweet little friend who had a radioactive treatment for his cancer last week and is waiting to be released from the hospital.  What suffering that kind of isolation must be for a child!  For my parents, who have had some health issues.  And for the family of little Aimee, friends from our old dance school whose 3yr old daughter was hit by a car and killed in front of their home two weeks ago.  Please offer a prayer for their family, friends, and also the young driver of the car.

::Keeping house
Our new home is easier to keep.  We have lots of tile floors, more storage, and less stuff.  We've kept the playroom clean for a few days, and I've gotten a new Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop that has a duster/sweeper attachment.  I'm really liking it!

::Crafting in the kitchen
I pinned a bunch of recipes on Pinterest today.  Hoping to try some new recipes this week after being gone for 5 days and eating out or at others' homes.  I believe tomorrow will be "No Peek" (stew meat over mashed potatoes), a recipe of Steven's family.  Then I'll be trying some new ideas after that!  Looking forward to using the feta cheese and sundried tomatoes :-)

::Living the moments
Making a point to read books more with the little ones.  I love those moments.   This was a moment with a new board game last week.

::Living the liturgy
We prayed tonight with the boys, it's been awhile since we've prayed with the kids at night.  Maybe a family rosary decade after dinner?  Sunday Mass back home yesterday was beautiful.  I love the Latin Novus Ordo Mass.  I feel the universality of the church so much there.  I miss Annunciation.  But our new church home here is beautiful too.  It is a very small and close-knit community, and offers many opportunities for growth.  Really, this whole city offers so much Catholic culture and opportunities for the sacraments and spiritual growth.  There are about 5 Catholic churches within 10 minutes of us, a spiritual center, and 2 convents.  And within 20 minutes, at least double that!  It's a gift that we have yet to fully take in, but I pray we will.

::Planning for the week ahead
Tomorrow will start our new school week, since today was catch-up.  Wednesday is science class.  Thursday the 4-H Fair to attend with Daddy.  Maybe we'll attend daily mass on Friday, and maybe a walk on the beach this weekend?  I've got to call our priest to set up our house blessing, and hope to invite some friends over soon.

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