Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{pretty, funny, happy, real} Aquarium Edition

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(again please excuse the poor photo quality!)

The girls had science classes today, so I took the boys to the Aquarium while their sisters were in class.
Beautiful boys, beautiful fish, beautiful day.

This was the lone "success" from the plaster molding kit we worked on earlier this week (the consistency was not right and the others were all ruined).  He is very proud of his painted fire hydrant and thanks the K family for his birthday gift! 

 Steven Joseph was really fascinated by the underwater diver presentation.  He kept standing in front of the diver while others were watching and trying to take pictures, so I had to keep reminding him to kneel down!

Wouldn't it be really great if all public restrooms had step stools like this?  And water fountains too.  They're mostly all built for adults, so we are always having to lift the kids up to wash their hands or drink from a fountain.  Maybe I can start a campaign to include children into the accessibility requirements of public places!  It's so hard to deal with multiple small children in public restrooms, and this would make it one bit easier!  I know I once posted a photo on the blog of the kids and me in a Kohl's restroom where they had a mini-potty!  Genius!  Our pediatric dentist has one of those, too!

Grateful for a fun morning with my boys, educational enrichment for my girls, new friends for us all, and feeling that we're finally settling into our new city.  It's still not quite "home" yet, but we're getting closer.


*kate said...

Looks like a great time! And I totally agree about child accessablility. That would be wonderful :)

Jill said...

Places that offer nursing accomodations are also fantastic. At Legoland in San Diego they had the most fantastic nursing mothers room with partitioned off little areas with rocking chairs, bathrooms, and even little toys for toddler siblings to play with. It was a relaxing break for Louie and I, and I nearly fell asleep!

Lisa said...

We have a little stool at the library in the children's dept bathroom.

I like your {happy} - he really does look thrilled!

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