Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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This weekend we went on a beautiful nature walk near the local university.  It's a great place to bird-watch and walk along the water.

I've been trying to find something to do with the other kids while the girls are at ballet class.  The studio isn't big enough to wait there, and there isn't really a place to play.  The parking is a nightmare, and many times I end up just letting them play on some kind of electronic device (my iPhone, the Leapster, or watch a DVD).

Today, while Ellie was at ballet class, I took the others down by the water, and they had a great little time!  If only we could keep Thomas from trying to climb up to street-level and run away.  He's not impressed by the sand yet.

A funny little photo of SJ trying to fill up his tires with half an air pump, and T throwing a football which actually appears to be in-air in this photo!  The picture below also makes me giggle, thinking of the kids just playing their silly games in the backyard.  It's rare that they are all in one place, and it's fun to think about how they'll be pairing up more as the years go by...girls in their dreamlands and boys with their baseball bats!

  I was overdue for an oil change, and ventured out with all the kids yesterday afternoon to have it done at Wal-Mart while we shopped.  Took an hour and a half.  Then they tried to charge me extra money for no good reason, and we waited for manager after manager.  Had to feed the kids bananas, and oranges, and Juicy Juice.  They became monkeys, and SJ climbed on the side of the shopping cart and the whole thing fell on him!  What a zoo!  Finally they took a few dollars of my tab and I was outta there!  What a mess.

Overall, though, we're getting into our groove here, and I'm grateful to be making progress around the house and with homeschooling.  Slowly finding contentment in everyday life in our new home and new city!  Hope you are content just where you are right now, too.  Have a blessed day!


Jill said...

Love the photo of the four kids in the backyard playing.
The 'pairing off' thing is interesting.
Right now, Henry does a lot with the older boys. But, I wonder if in the future the two big boys will play together and the two little boys.

Jill said...

Oh, and I love that you took them out to the beach while waiting for ballet lessons.
I have great memories of the times we spent in Luxembourg outside of the swimming complex playing hide and seek in the bushes or jumping off steps or watching bugs. I couldn't stand being trapped in a little room with women and their idle chatter or a bunch of kids glued to electronic devices. When the weather was nice it was a little slice of heaven and it made the waiting go by so quickly.

Andrea said...

I love the pic of MC w/ the binoculars! And the backyard playtime picture...what a blessing to be able to go out and enjoy God's beautiful creation.

MamaHen said...

Hi! Coming over from LMLD. Those are great pics and sorry about the Walmart trouble. Its one of my least favorite places.

Lisa said...

Looks like a great place there - you took some beautiful photos of it.

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