Thursday, January 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Joining the link up with 7 quick photos, from our outing to the nearby university trails last weekend. I'm halfway through sorting through the kids' clothes; the boys' clothes are next! I think I'll do some of that while watching my third episode of Downton Abbey. Have a fabulous Friday, friends!


Melissa D. said...

I LOVE Downton Abbey. It premiered in the UK last time wwe were here, I got watch all but the final episode. I had to wait for January. I crossed paths with season 2 airing in the UK while wee were in the US, and in the US while we are here, but Ralph found all of the season 2 episodes for me online, so I've already watched it. Season two is not as good as season 1, generally, but it ends well with the Christmas special!

Colleen said...

It's so beautiful there! Just looking at your photos makes me feel more relaxed and peaceful!

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