Monday, August 01, 2011


I've been having a hard time coming up with a post to describe my feelings about our upcoming move. I've shared it on Facebook and made references here, but haven't talked much about this new journey for our family.

Last week, Steven accepted a wonderful job offer in another city. It's really an amazing opportunity for him and one that we just couldn't pass up. The problem is that we thought we were here for good, settled for life. The great thing is that God knows just what our family needs and he's answering specific prayers and dreams, although not in the way we'd expected.

We'll have a bit of time to transition to our new town. He'll be training in Houston for awhile, and we'll try to get through the MRI and possible open heart surgery for Steven Joseph this fall. So it could be October or November, or even later, before we actually make the move. We're hoping to make a few more visits in the next month or two, as we explore the city and try to find an area where we'd like to live.

It all seems very surreal. It is the one city in Texas where we literally knew no one and had no familiarity with the area. But it's a city with a great Catholic culture and is very close to our favorite place...THE BEACH! We've now been able to visit the parish where we'll likely be members, and we met many of the homeschooling families after Mass last weekend. So I feel like we have a "home base" and have a little more knowledge of the area.

The girls are upset about leaving family, friends, their house, their homeschool group, and especially their dance school. They fluctuate between saying they are never moving away, to negotiating about the things they want in a new house or about the exact time frame of moving (demanding it be after a birthday or after their May recital).

It's going to be a busy few months. Along with preparing for the surgery and the move, we'll also start our new school year and several new activities this year. They'll continue ballet for the time we're here, and we'll try to soak up all the blessings of having family and amazing friends close by. From the wonderful grocery store nearby, to the chicken finger restaurant down the street, to our pool within walking distance, and our lovely parish downtown, we are really going to miss living here.

BUT...although it's an unknown territory we're going to experience, I know that God has our family's best interests in mind. I can foresee weekly beach adventures, a wonderful small parish community, close-by museums, and opportunities to participate in the Nutcracker and other ballets. I envision more time with Daddy and less stress about finances. I imagine a time of growth in our family, better organization and scheduling, and a slower life pace. I am thrilled about purging some of our belongings and having less "stuff" to worry about. And it'll probably be good to have this big distraction as we're facing the scary surgery.

It's going to be a great adventure. 2012 will start a new page in our family journal and I can't wait to look back and see how God blesses us through this experience. Thanks for following us along the way, and please pray that we will find God's peace in the midst of it!


Lillian said...

Oh, Blair! I know exactly how you're feeling! Adventures can always be exciting but its so hard saying good bye. I'm sure God has a reason for moving y'all to C city. You are going to touch someone's life and someone is going to touch yours. Your kids are young enough that they will adjust and make friends and be ok. We'll go visit y'all as soon as you're settled in so you can see familiar faces. Praying for a smooth transition.

Jill said...

We went through all of these same feelings when we had to relocate overseas. I thought there was no better place on earth than Iowa. Then, after three years now my heart is stuck in Luxembourg and I can't believe we don't live there anymore.
We obviously had no family or friends when we arrived in Luxembourg. You guys seem way more social than us, so you will probably have friends very quickly! But, we didn't and used this time to really just focus on our little family and loved it. We traveled around Europe, hung out, were involved in no activities, and basically just really enjoyed our time to grow together.
Moving is hard but good in so many ways.
It's interesting how you thought this was your permanent location. I wonder if we'll ever get to the point where I can even begin to speculate that. It used to be one of my goals to feel settled forever. But, now I tell Paul I want to go back overseas again!
You are blessed to have the homeschooling for your kids because that will remain stable in their lives. Plus, I am amazed that you already found a homeschooling community there. I have yet to even meet one live person who homeschools here! Again, probably because you are a lot more social than me. ;)

I will be thinking of you a ton in the coming months.

Andrea said...

Oh Blair...I so know how you feel. Many prayers as you and the family prepare for the big transition.

Rich said...

Having lived most of my life in College Station, I can't even begin to pretend to understand how our family feels about the move. Only know that our prayers go out to you guys.

As for Corpus Christi.....both my parents are from that area, as are most of my relatives. I am pretty familiar with it. What parish are you going to be attending? You are going to have a lot of neat Catholic opportunities!

You will have to be sure and visit Our Lady of Corpus Christi for Mass ;-) It is beautimous! So is the Cathedral. Another parish of interest to me....St. Patrick's off Alameda. That's where I was baptized. Also, St. Pius X church/school. My aunt is the principal there. I think there's a decent Catholic bookstore there, too, but nothing like Veritas in Houston.

Here's a link to the chapel at OL Corpus Christi.

Other neato things: the aircraft carrier, beaches, crabbing, Water Street Oyster Bar, the original Whataburger, Cathedral Midnight Mass pageant, the Pink Nuns (Sisters of The Adoration), and lots more. You will find that it will be an exciting time to experience new things, new people, and spread your light to souls that may need to see Christ's grace working in others.

Rich said...

sorry.....I can't even begin to imagine how YOUR family feels. I know OUR family will pray for you. :-)

Kate Wicker said...

Praying for you as you navigate all the changes ahead for your beautiful family!

Kimberly said...

Blair, as a veteran of moving (comes from being at Army Brat for 17 years), moving is really hardest on Momma. The kids will adjust are really reisilant...but I know how much you will miss Houston, and we will miss you too. Don't forget God is wherever you are a wonderful homemaker, and your new place will feel like home in no time! Praying for you all!

Kristen said...

How exciting! Austin is from there and loved growing up in Corpus Christi. I am sure you guys will love it. Your move will be in our prayers.

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