Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A weekend adventure!

This weekend we traveled down the coast on a quick little trip!

We started the long weekend on Thursday night celebrating our 10th anniversary by going out to Texas Roadhouse for some yummy steaks. And we also found this...

which we purchased the next morning, and was so nice to have on our road trip! It's an '09 Toyota Sienna and has 8 seats and automatic doors. We love it! We left around 3pm on Friday afternoon and made it to our destination in time to ditch our luggage and head out for Mexican food!

We stayed at a bay house and before our Saturday beach adventure, we visited the big tree at the neighboring state park.

The kids loved climbing the trees!

We had 2 beach visits last summer...one on Mother's Day and one in San Diego. It was far past time for a trip to the seashore! This was actually a bay "beach" but the kids didn't care! The nice breeze made for some fun little waves!

Their sandcastle masterpiece

and destroying it!

Happy baby even though he was dealing with tummy issues from the antibiotics he was taking for an ear infection. Another fun outing on our anniversary was a trip to the pediatrician!

eating a water gun!

throwing seaweed!

fields of cotton...

bales of cotton

a harvested field

while driving around we found a Catholic church without walls near the beach!

late night fishing out the back of the bay house

and enjoying the TV during what little time we had for relaxing!

It was a quick trip, mostly spent scouting out our new future hometown (more on that later), but it was fun nonetheless. Now I'm just trying to recover and get over a sinus cold!


Kristy B said...

That church without walls is cool! And good luck and prayers on finding your new home in your new town. Moving away is such an adventure, with many emotions in tow. I hope it works well for you all!

theresa EH said...

ohmy!! what fun eh :D I would love to watch all of kiddo's play while sitting in the shade with stephen, with a nice cool drink of ice tea please.

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