Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jesus Makes a Difference Every Day

Last week was our first vacation bible school experience! I knew the girls would love it, and they did. It was at a Catholic church which we have never attended, but a friend from swim team was heading it up and allowed us to join in for free if I volunteered :) You all know that I can't turn down a free offer!

The first few days were a little hairy trying to be the "snack" leader with my 2 "helpers" you see here, but as the week went by things became easier and Steven enjoyed spending time with the other 3yr olds in the nursery.

All week we had the main chorus in our heads, which was "Jesus makes a difference every day!" I admit I had some theological concerns about why this had to be the main line of the main songs, and I wonder how in the world it has to do with the theme of Main Street? Why don't any of our local churches use the Catholic VBS options? (My critical nature shining through)

But you I reflected on it more and more, I tried to let the main idea soften my heart. God is with us every day. Jesus makes a difference in our lives every day because of his grace working in our hearts. He blesses us with family, the Church, the Sacraments, our material possessions. Every day.

"You turn me inside-out and upside-down, show me how to turn everything around.
You change my life; you're all I need. Inside-out and upside-down on Main Street!"

Honestly, right now I do feel like some things in our life are changing...inside-out and upside-down! It happens all the time in this crazy family life with young kids. But every day Jesus is with us, making a difference in our lives and in the lives of others we encounter.

I pray that whatever twists and turns are facing us in the coming months, that we will find peace and solace in God's will. That Jesus will lead us down "Main Street" as we continue to follow him in our journey of life.

Just like Steven Joseph was having such a fun time chasing this precious darling around the gym, may we have fun chasing our dreams and God's will each and every day. Because He can make a difference in our lives every day, if we let Him!

Thanks to my friend K, and all the kind people at SH Catholic Church, who welcomed us on Main Street! We had a blast!

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Jill said...

My kids also did VBS for the first time this year. Our theme was Pandamania-God is Wild About You- which was a general theme used by lots of churches-protestant and Catholic. I didn't even realize there were Catholic options!

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