Sunday, July 10, 2011

A weekend celebrating a priest and future-priest!

Br. Nathanael

Fr. Mike

More photos to come soon; I got a bunch loaded on Facebook though!
I'm exhausted and we're doing our first VBS this week!


Anonymous said...

Is that Fr. Mike Sis from St. Mary's?!
He's one of the reasons I became Catholic!
How wonderful to see him!
He used to play racquet ball with my hubby in Aggieland.
Jennifer W.

Blair said...

Yep, that's him! Today was his jubilee 25 anniversary of priesthood!

theresa EH said...

Is Br. Nathanael with the Franciscians Friars of Renewal order in NYC??
Blessings upon both men!
It gives me such joy when I see men and women wearing "the cloth" :-)

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