Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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My pretty girls are growing up!  Here they are after their first day of our homeschool co-op.  They really enjoyed it, as you can tell!

The preschoolers were so happy to be a part of things too!  Here they are happily dancing to Tchaikovsky music with scarves!

Can you find Steven Joseph in this photo?  He's slept through the last two afternoons at the dance studio.  Too funny!

It's still REALLY hot here in Texas.  It's been a scorcher of a summer for so many people.  I cannot wait for the days when the kids can play outside again!  My house has been home to restaurants, vacations, ice skating shows, dance classes, toilet-paper-roll "phones" taped around the house, and crafts galore!  I'm thrilled that my kids are so creative and enjoy their days at home, but it will be nice when some of their energy can be spent outdoors!

Thanks for hosting, Deirdre!


Rosie said...

Oh my. That is hot!
Your children are beautiful, and look very happy, too!

justamouse said...

I cannot even imagine how hot all of you Texans are. That is so very hot.

Your family is beautiful!

Leila said...

Sweet post! I hope you cool off soon!

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