Friday, August 19, 2011

A new home

So, like I said, a positive post would come next! Here are the things I am excited about regarding our move.

1. We'll be near the beach! The other day when I mentioned our upcoming move during introductions at the co-op, Steven Joseph yelled out, "and we're moving by the beach!!!" It was really cute and a good reminder to me to see the positives :) The beach down there is definitely a step up from what we're used to. Texas beaches still aren't "all that" compared to the white sand and clear water of say, Florida, but we love the beach nonetheless and I foresee spending many fun days there next year.

2. We get to move homes! This was the thing I was most desiring this summer. I still have that longing in my heart for a change of scenery in our daily living, and I think that the change will be good for us. Until this house, we stayed in most of our homes only a year, so I haven't been this "grounded" since before college! I really want to go through all our stuff, purge a lot of items, and simplify our daily living. This will be so much easier with a move!

I'm also starting to get excited about decorating a new home. Even though we'll be renting initially, it will be fun to try new accessory colors and furniture configurations. As the time gets closer we can start to look a little more seriously at houses, which should be lots of fun! In fact, this week I spotted a rental home I really liked. Chances are that they won't want to wait a few months for renters, but you never know! I'm really hoping for a soaking tub this time; we only have a shower in the master bath. And an updated kitchen would be awesome!

3. New friends. Although we are so close to our friends here and I'm going to miss them terribly, I know that we will meet people easily through the homeschool group and other activities down there. I am a social extrovert by nature, so I enjoy meeting new people and making friends near and far. I am sure the girls will do the same. We have already met a few families down there and we fit in just fine!

4. The job opportunity. Obviously this is the reason for our move. Both Steven and I felt like the opportunity was something he couldn't pass up. Steven should have an easier commute, better hours, and a less-stressful job in an industry that is booming. We'll be more secure financially and he'll have greater advancement potential. And he has a great boss! What more could we ask for?

5. Extras. Being in the Houston area we do have a lot of great opportunities for outings, classes, and extracurriculars. This will be on a smaller scale, but we'll have a great aquarium with homeschool enrichment, other museums, dance studio options which perform classical ballets like The Nutcracker, and lots of nature opportunities being on the coast. And in a smaller city, everything is more accessible. You can get almost anywhere in 20 minutes!

6. Family growth. Even though we will be leaving our friends and pretty much all our family behind (unless my parents follow us!), we will still be together as our own little family. I know that we had so much growth and peace during our year that we spent back in Aggieland when the girls were babies and Steven was finishing school, and I don't doubt that we will find the same kind of family bonding and growth when we leave our hometown again. One of our big goals is to work on our healthy living choices and exercise! Hopefully at this time next year we will be back in shape!

7. Spiritual renewal. This might be the most important! I think we've gotten in a little rut here the past few years. After I left the lay movement in 2009 I haven't had a very good prayer life. I want to be an example to our kids in prayer, in faith, and in my daily walk with God. There is a wonderful Catholic culture there, with many, many Catholic churches, so I know we'll have more opportunities for things like Daily Mass and other spiritual enrichment. I hope and pray that I can recommit myself to my spiritual life in the coming months.

8. Our move will likely mean we are past the open heart surgery for Steven Joseph! Thinking about being there, having made it through that difficult journey, makes me feel happy. Knowing that his heart will be healed at that point brings me much peace.

And I pray that all the little holes in my heart, places where I am leaking out sin and sorrow, all my bad habits and failures will be closed up like Steven's ASD. May the coming months bring about healing, growth, and peace for our family. Will you pray that for us? Thank you!


Kristy B said...

Way to focus on so many great positives!

Kurt Palen said...
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