Friday, August 05, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday!

(another upload of random iPhone phuzzy photos, representative of our crazy summer days!)

Maybe you saw this on Facebook...doesn't YOUR baby play the piano at 3am? We found out the next day that he had an ear infection, hence the lack of sleep that week. Maybe he'll be a musical little guy like his big brother...which, by the way, if you didn't watch his guitar video on the last post, it's a must-see!

I think I took this picture of him after he took some medicine and was finally sleeping soundly...ahhh....

We made a visit to Kelly's grave the other day. I'm so happy she has a headstone now, but it makes it all the more real that our sweet friend is no longer with us. But she is a great prayer intercessor, and I'll be counting on her for lots of special intentions through the years.

The kids went on the mall carousel with NeNe!

The other day I couldn't find Steven and then located him in his room on the bottom bunk playing with one of the Montessori boxes! I was so happy to see him playing with this. He's getting very interested in letters and writing and drawing and sorting...and all those preschool things. It should be a fun year with him!

Saturday was a Dive In Movie at the pool! We walked down and watched Fish Tale. It was a fun family evening, another thing we'll miss about our neighborhood when we move. It's so nice to be able to walk to the pool, and even nicer that it's one that is rarely crowded and has a nice covered baby pool.

Lanie the American Girl doll had her First Holy Communion last week. They made a "cake" out of pancakes and took lots of pictures. I love the way poor Steven Joseph is always pictured with the dolls. One day he and Thomas will protest these kinds of activities!

The other day we went to the grocery store to return a rotten roast. After getting back to the car, I told the kids to get in their seats and buckle up. I decided to just wait and play on my phone, instead of making my request over and over again. About 10 minutes later they were still wrestling and the baby was crying. I finally had to yell. Hopefully it's just the novelty of the new car...but I'm not so sure...Every outing is a true adventure in this crazy family!

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Kerrie @ TFK said...

I love the fact that the doll had a First Communion!

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