Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tired Mama

This morning I was laughing at what I was hearing...One child who wanted to watch a show on the computer, one who wanted to go out for donuts, and one who was crying for me not to get in the shower. Now this afternoon he's sobbing because he found a shield and helmet and insists on going to the store wight now to buy a sword, while the girls have set up an egg hunt around the house.

It's been one of those weeks so far. One where Mama feels exhausted and kids are demanding attention. On Monday I thought I was just recovering from our weekend trip. Yesterday I felt nearly as tired, especially after wrangling the kids down the street to the first swim team practice and handling the dinner/bedtime dance without Daddy's help.

I had some energy this morning while we ran errands, only to arrive home and feel like I was going to pass out while doing the dishes. I spent about an hour resting in bed while directing things around the house, and now we have a frozen pizza in the oven, ready for lunch and naptime before ballet and swim practice this evening.

I really thought I had gotten over the "hump" of the first trimester, but I think it's going to be an ongoing battle between my "aging" body (which is growing another person!) and my desire to be up and about and enjoying these gorgeous days with my kids. But as I was relaxing in my bed just a bit ago, I was still enough to feel those little movements...those little kicks that tell me it's all worth it...that remind me that this tiny life inside me needs me to slow down. It also makes me think of those newborn days that are coming again. Oh to cradle that sweet, helpless child in my arms! I can hardly wait to meet him or her.

Thanks for listening to my continual whines. Hopefully I'll have some more happy life reflections soon!


In other news, on the prayer request front...I'd been asking for prayers for my good friend's sister Juliana, who had a kidney transplant on Good Friday. She was finally released from the hospital about a week ago to head back home. Thanks be to God for her continued healing! And thanks be to God for generous organ donors like her friend Leslie.

On a similar note, my friend Sarah's 3 year-old son Cooper had a small bowel and colon transplant yesterday. He has had feeding problems since birth and has recently been diagnosed with a mitochondrial syndrome. The hope is that this surgery will improve his quality of life, allowing him to eat normal foods, instead of receiving all his nutrition through a central line, and thereby prevent excessive hospital stays to to continual line infections. Please pray for the continued healing of little Cooper in the many months of recovery ahead. Also offer a prayer for the young child whose organs he received, and the generous family who chose to give the gift of life while grieving the loss of life in their own family.

On a more happy note, we're thrilled that our niece Emily, pictured in the trip below, will be receiving her First Holy Communion on Saturday! Please offer a prayer for her and for all First Communicants, as they prepare to receive Our Lord's Precious Body for the first time. It's hard to believe that Mary Clare will be doing the same at this time next year. I was in tears reading Kristen's Blog Post earlier today, an excerpt from the homily of her daughter's First Holy Communion this weekend. Beautiful.

Finally, I've been asking on Facebook and my message boards for camera recommendations. I'd really love to move up to an SLR camera in the near future. I think I'd really enjoy learning about photography! It looks as if my Fuji has kicked the bucket. It won't turn on at all. And I can't go much longer with fuzzy iPhone photos, especially in this kind of weather! Any recommendations? I think so far the top rec is the Nikon D5000, followed by the more expensive Canon Rebel xTi.

Okay, pizza time! Hopefully the day improves and Mama gets me some more energy!


Colleen said...

You may have already seen it, but I have a some camera/photography info on a page on my blog (the link is on the top right hand corner). I think the D5000 would be a great way to go! If you ever have any photography questions, I'd be happy (to attempt) to answer them! Photography has been such a great blessing for me and I hope you get as much joy from it as I do!

Julia said...

Blair, I totally feel your pain! The exhaustion has literally taken my breath away this time. But I am thankful I am not nauseated at least. I too struggle with wanting to play with the kids, meanwhile the house is clutter city and I dream of a short-order chef who can just cook for us all day since I'm constantly hungry and tired! This too shall pass! :) Hope you are resting as much as you can and that the kids have a better morning tomorrow! :)

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