Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday Girl

Yesterday, April 22nd, was Ellie's 5th Birthday! We started the day at the donut shop, a special treat for everyone! Then we went on to a local art class held at a nearby church. They sang to Ellie and she enjoyed doing the weaving project:

Outside the church are 2 little playgrounds, one has a big ark where the kids enjoyed playing Noah. They also love the seesaws!

We had a fun but crazy lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, 3 moms and 9 kids, and my parents came by for a bit. We were quite the amusement of the restaurant. When I was the first to find a table with a load of kids, an elderly man at a nearby booth thought I might be "Kate" from Jon & Kate!

We went back to the house and some friends brought special gifts, like stuffed animals and craft items they found at home, and homemade cards.

The kids played for several hours and then we sang to her again

and enjoyed some cupcakes!

Some of the friends stayed very late, we enjoyed ordering pizza, and hanging out. It was a last-minute "playdate" since I didn't want to plan a big coordinated party. We'll have our special celebration this weekend with family.

She was a very happy (albeit bossy, in true 5 year-old fashion) Birthday Girl!

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Erin said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! Her party looks like lots of fun!

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