Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random photos

off my iPhone from the past few weeks. I've posted some of them on Facebook but wanted to have them here in case I ever get this blog printed one of these days!

Steven Joseph watching some big boys fishing at the park. He was so upset he didn't have his "wod" (fishing rod) with him.

Kids at the rodeo

Joey watching the horse show at the rodeo.

The girls dressed him up for a tap class one morning

This was the day he wore the sailor suit and did a singing and dancing performance (earning the lollipop) and got to celebrate his 7th birthday later in the day ;-)

"My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades."

Kids dressed in red on Palm Sunday (notice the shades again)

After a rough day, Steven insisted I take the evening off. I had dinner by myself at LaMadeleine. My favorite caesar salad+fresh bread and butter+water and lemon=one happy mama!

Daddy with the kids and komodo dragon at the zoo


candyspirit said...

I love the photo of the dinner out tray!!!

Love MOM

Jill said...

The rodeo photo is so cute. I love braids and pigtails on little girls. Keeps them looking like our little girls. :)
The sailor suit is great.

I'm sure I asked you this annoying question, but...are you finding out the gender this time? :)

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