Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last night was a semi-late night. I'm shooting for an 11pm bedtime but many times get sucked into this internet until midnight. My little guy was hanging out with me, asleep on the floor in his cute rocket ship jammies. He is so scrumptious! I love how he's next to Steven's giant work boots. They're nearly as big as him!

Today brought a huge sigh of relief to my stresses about doctors. I am very picky about physicians. We live in a large city with excellent hospitals and medical availability, so I want to take advantage of that!

Those of you who know my birth stories know that I have had a rough go of it. 3 labors to 10 centimeters, ending in 3 c-sections, with 3 different doctors. I loved my first OBGYN and tried to switch back to him in the middle of my last pregnancy, but wasn't able to because of insurance issues. The last two obstetricians were not what I needed. They were too laid-back for my liking and did not do things the way I wanted them done. I didn't trust them like I did with Dr. M, who has sadly had a stroke and retired.

So I've been determined to find a good OBGYN in the area, in hopes that if we're blessed again with new life, that I will have someone ready to care for baby and me in a conservative and professional manner. It's hard to find what I'm looking for, because most of my friends have more natural, regular births. I need a good surgeon who is capable of handling a more high-risk case and who shows concern about my history of a couple early miscarriages. I also hope to use the hospital that is less than 5 minutes from my house.

So in comes Dr. R! A friend recommended him and I had a wonderful visit with him today and feel confident that he will care for me and any future children with the highest of standards. Cue *sigh of relief*!

After this nice doctor appointment (during which my kind friend Bev watched my little darlings, thanks!) I was blessed with the company of one of my oldest friends. Melissa's parents went to high school with my dad, and we ended up living a few streets apart during our childhood. She is such a talented lady, with a voice like the angels, hair like the blazing sun, and a heart bigger than Texas! We generally only see each other a couple times a year, in a last-minute outing. But I am always so blessed by her company!

And now she has a cute companion along with her. This little Micah-man is just adorable, isn't he? Such a happy little lad!

We have such fun memories of school days, dance class, slumber parties, and more. Melissa is a worship pastor at her church and does such beautiful things for the body of Christ! My girls adored her little Micah and were quite the mannered little ladies for the first hour, impressing Melissa with their calm and quiet demeanor and playing so sweetly with her little man.

After about an hour though, their true colors began to show as they argued and fought about the proper songs for the dances they were performing for us. Only with Ellie will an iPod volume issue bring about a fit including hitting and screaming! She is so passionate about her dancing! Steven Joseph started sobbing when I held the baby, and I think we somehow managed to keep his raisins out of Micah's mouth.

But all in all, a fun successful day.


Colleen said...

How wonderful to have found a doctor you can trust and feel comfortable with! I can't imagine how scary it is to have a high risk pregnancy and feel like your doctor is not taking the situation seriously enough. My prayers are for you and any future pregnancies that the Lord may bless you with!

Melissa said...

I love your description of the day spent with your friend! You could totally be describing my kids! :)

I am SO glad to hear that you found a doctor you like! Having a provider you know and trust can make such a difference, can't it? I think that was one of the worst aspects of my little Austin's birth--delivering in an unfamiliar hospital with a doctor I had just met upon admission. (Darren and I did NOT like him at all.) I love my midwives sooo much and they had really helped make all my prior deliveries feel calm and natural. Not so this time around! :(

Jill said...

It's exciting to think of you embarking on this OB search with hopes of a new little one someday. :) I've got to get myself back to the US this year and start the same search! :)
I love the photo of that sweet boy laying on the floor. He really reminds me of my little Henry. Love those little boys!!

Kimberly said...

I wish you lived on my side of town, I'd have given you my OB/GYN's info...he is wonderful. I am a moderate risk pregnancy b/c I'm a hepatitis carrier, but he always folllowed my wishes. Never pushed me to get pitocin, episiotomy, or anything. And he is NFP friendly. I am glad you've found a doctor you like, it makes such a difference, doesn't it?

the deKorne family said...

Did you go to Dr. Rawson?? We loved him and it was one of the saddest losses when moving away from Houston! Precious kiddos you have!!

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