Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Around our house

some photos taken by kiddos...

happy boy (this mama is still asking for prayers for his appt on friday, for healing as well as a smooth appt, so we don't have to reschedule for sedated scans. praying he will sleep in his stroller for his echocardiogram! also asking for prayers specifically from Pope John Paul II!)

cute close-up of SJ working on his car that somehow made it into the house during the garage sale

i believe this is "addison", the doll that swims in the water. she accompanies them for all their baths recently and makes bathing very exciting!

i'll have to ask MC the name of this doll, she's the one that came with a rocking horse.

now onto my pictures of the crazy day today!

what our living room looks like on a good day. i made the playmat out of plywood last week and they love it! i think someone messed with my photo settings because all the pictures are dark!

books always everywhere. tree and decorations were ready to be put away for next year. i did it tonight amidst ellie's cries...she was so sad to see it go! i was too, i loved the twinkling lights of the tree and garland in the evenings. but it's nice to have a cleared-out living room for the big party!

a friend gave me this book "backtalk" to borrow, i skimmed it this morning while in a heated battle with a child who did not want to cooperate. just what i needed to read today!

last week i moved a bed into SJ's "nursery" where he's never slept and got the room all cleaned up. guess who has taken over? THE DOLLS!

and lucky kirsten has made her home under the altar in our living room. i can't complain; at least this is a location where no one can see the mess!
signed, mother of doll-lovers living in a house full of dolls~


ViolinMama said...

always praying!! And I will Friday. I love all your pics, and your kids and gifts and little stories are adorable.

You made the most important thing happen - Christ and the Christmas spirit. AMEN to you!

Jill said...

Love this post! Real life is the best. :)
Thinking of you today at the appointment.

candyspirit said...

We are praying for Joe Joe at mass today.

Neen said...

I love the backtalk book. I can't believe how often the skills from that book help me.

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