Sunday, January 10, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path--Letters K and L

Before Christmas, we completed letters K and L Along the Alphabet Path! The past couple months' activities were very abbreviated, with our funerals, illnesses, travels, and holidays in November and December. So here's the quick version of what we did...

K is for Blessed Kateri and Kingcup Fairy

painting the Kingcup fairy color page with watercolors

K word tracing, "My Itty Bitty Letter K book", and a kaleidoscope puzzle

L is for St. Lucy, Lily of the Valley, and Leaves

We painted the Lily of the Valley coloring page (the last of the alphabet color pages offered online, maybe I need to purchase the coloring book!)
We colored the St. Lucy/Santa Lucia page from Charlotte
and made St. Lucia paper dolls (which look a lot like Kirsten!).
Finally we read Why Do Leaves Change Color?
and painted some leaf templates (which never got used for anything, oops!)

I'll work on our M week post soon (all about Madeline!) and we'll be getting started on Letter N tomorrow (I'm coming up with some ideas to learn about the National Parks)! I'm a little bit scared starting this new year ahead of Jessica, who has been on break welcoming her Christmas Rose! I've gotten so many of my ideas from her that it's going to be hard to blaze the trail without her, but I'm sure it will be good for me. Maybe I'll need a break sometime this spring and can get back behind her again...

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