Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mary Clare's 7th Birthday Party

or..."How to Host a Fun Fashion Show Birthday Party for less!"
(for Jill and anyone else who doesn't want to spend the big bucks of the "sweetie sassy" places!)

Mary Clare invited some of her homeschooled girlfriends from her Pickwick and Little Flowers class, and a few family friends and cousins! My mom did a cute turquoise, white and black leopard print invitation (like one of these) which I just pasted into an email, because I'm too lazy to send real invites by mail, especially after Christmas cards! Here's the poem I wrote for it...

For Mary Clare's 7th Birthday wish,
It's a Fashion Show Party you won't want to miss!

On January 9th from 10 to 1
Your girls are invited to have some fun!

To wear their fashion-y finest, with accessories too,
And be ready for lunch, cake, punch, and fondue!

We'll primp and pamper and glitter and glam,
And then at 12:30 we'll welcome back the "fam",

Our big fashion show will end the date,
So come one and all and don't be late!

The big birthday girl!

The party started with making paper dolls!

I found the cute doll and clothes templates here, and bought a book of scrapbook paper, cutting out lots of the clothes beforehand. Some of the girls used my cut-out templates or made their own clothes designs! They used colored pencils to color the faces and hair, and I also set out some little bowls with sequins to glue on for sparkly accessories! Thanks also to my mother-in-law and sis-in-law for cutting out so many dolls!

Happy girls!

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!

I made about 20 of each chocolate and white cupcakes,
We sang and she blew out her 7 candle

I love Ellie's face in the 2nd photo :-)

and then offered lots of different colored sprinkles for the girls to decorate their own cupcakes!

We had a delicious punch (made by hubby) in the punch fountain, which was one of the things from Kelly that we kept to share with our homeschool group. It was a big hit! I bought plastic turquoise "wine glasses" from Party City (where I bought most of the decorations) for the girls to use, and wrote their names with a permanent marker on them. You can see one on the bottom left.

Hubby also made the chocolate fondue; it wasn't that big a hit because everyone was ready for cupcakes instead. Oh well! I didn't get a photo of all the food, but we had mini-PBJs, chicken nuggets, fresh fruit and fresh veggies (with ranch). The fruit, Nila wafers, and little shortbread cookies could be used for the fondue. My mom fixed some tortillas, chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, chips and queso for the adults. My mother-in-law was also a big help by coming the day before to watch the girls while we were at the cardiologist, making dinner for us, and helping with all the prep work. Thanks so much Grampatti and NeNe!

Mary Clare opened presents while a few girls at a time went to the "spa" station in the girls' bedroom (since I was short on time at that point). A few of my friends helped to put on nail polish and offered lip gloss and cheek glitter. It was all pretty mild, not too much for little girls; didn't want to upset the daddies!

Then a half-hour before the end of the party, all the families came back. We didn't get a photo of the huge amount of people in our house! I think there were about 60 people! The couches were moved to the back wall and lots of chairs set out. One of my friends brought her keyboard with microphone and I announced each girl who came out the black curtain (3 yards of black fabric from Wal-Mart nailed in the doorway) and walked along the "runway" (some clearanced turquoise beads placed on the floor; a wooden runway would've been neat too!). All the parents were taking pictures, it was really cute!

I asked each girl their name, favorite food, and favorite hobby beforehand and wrote in an ordered list (after figuring out a good order for them to go in), so I announced that while describing their outfit on the microphone, with some techno beats from the keyboard in the background. Some of the girls were shy and went in pairs. We even had our not-quite-2-year-old goddaughter walk the runway!

Mary Clare was the last model and was quite the ham!

We ended by having the girls all come out and sing and dance to the song "Celebration" (by Kool & the Gang, ours was on a kid mix CD), letting some of the girls sing on the microphone :-)

The birthday girl had quite a fun time and thanks everyone for making her birthday so special!

My mom made the party bags with a personalized sticker for the party, and they also took their paper dolls home, but we forgot to give most of them the cute little wine glasses which would've been cute to put the favor bags in...oh well!

Everyone in the family has now taken a nap except the birthday girl, who I'm sure will sleep well tonight. She's having too much fun playing with her new paper dolls, scrapbook and craft kits, doll clothes, etc! We have had such a fun day and have so much to be thankful for and a great year ahead (especially knowing there should be no heart surgeries this year!)

Do you think we'll make 7am mass in the morning in the 22 degree weather???


Jill said...

What a blast! Thanks for posting this! Too bad I have everything purchased for Aslynn's party already. (Would have been ideal if I could have just invited Aslynn and myself to your party so we could be in on the fun!)
You should send this in to Faith and Family's party planners section.
Happy Birthday again to Mary Clare.

candyspirit said...

Best Party ever!~too clever!! & thanks for the links! Happy 7th to Mary Clare the cutest fashion girl ever!

Blair said...

I can't wait to hear about the Valentine's party, Jill! I'm a February girl myself, so I remember having lots of "heart" birthdays :)

JulieC said...

When Mallory and I were talking about the party on the way home, she said "Mom it wasn't fun, it was AWESOME!!!" Thanks so much for including us. It was such a great party. She wants one now, just like it.

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