Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why we're not schooling in the schoolroom

My goal for the next few weeks...clean the schoolroom each afternoon so it will be ready for school in the morning. Right now we just do lessons in the living room because I can't concentrate in a messy room! I'm glad the girls love to do all sorts of crafts and projects together in there. But it would be nice to work in a space that has our calendar, letter charts, kid-sized table, and all the supplies we need.

Right now I think our official start date is going to be August 18th. That gives me almost 2 more weeks to get a schedule planned out. Hopefully I'll also get to attend a big homeschool conference the weekend before since it's less than 5 minutes from my house! I'm hoping it will help me finally choose a math program...and maybe a phonics program too...

Trying to stay dry with Eduoard on its way! Hopefully hubby will be home early :) Praying for all those who live near the gulf coast today!

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