Sunday, August 31, 2008

My eatin' boy!

Mmmm...first teether biscuit!

First peach chunks!

Wouldn't let me feed him today, so I let him "drink" jarred baby food out of a cup!

Bad idea, Mommy!


Jill said...

That guy has been a good eater from the start, hasn't he? He was trying solids before Henry would even touch them, and Henry is four months older! Love the cute pictures!
I've been reading, just not commenting regularly on your posts. Henry is often trying to yank computer cords out, making my blog time very limited. (He's napping now!) So, if I don't comment often, know that I'm still thinking of your cute family!

I also wanted to comment that I appreciate your open attitude regarding homeschooling/ traditional schooling. I know you mentioned that you felt that twinge of doubt when you saw the other kids with backpacks in hand heading off to school. And, I bet you can guess that it goes both ways. I drop my kids off with those backpacks in hand and I feel the twinge of doubt the other way. Seeing you embrace your choice of schooling, but not pitching it as 'the way' for everyone actually makes homeschooling seem like a beautiful option. It's chosen out of love for your children and what you believe is best for them and your family right now instead of a blanket statement of 'homeschooling is the best.' From my perspective, I also greatly admire homeschooling even if it's not what we're doing right now, and I would never say that I am making the right choice for schooling because 'it' is right. Only that my kids have this fantastic opportunity right now in this multilingual school, and just for us it is the right thing.

Oh my. All I was trying to say was that I appreciate your honesty. Sorry for the mini blog entry in your blog!

Anonymous said...

OHMYGOODNESS! That is so sweet! (spoken like a mother whose kids are over 20 years old now) My irish setter would just love to help with clean up.
Theresa in ALberta

Stephanie said...

Hey, my floor looks like that too and Abby didn't do it! We're still working on her ability to get the food into her mouth.

Thanks for the comments on my "bug" post. I was worried about nursing since I was sick too.

Rich said...

Too bad Steven can't eat that neatly.

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