Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Homeschool Day 3

We're trudging along. It's gloomy and rainy, and my camera still needs batteries, not to mention my computer freezes every time I try to open my blog and a few others on Blogger (if anyone can help, let me know!). We're still fighting battles with homeschooling and behavior, but I'm sure things will calm down in a few days (or weeks!).

Big news is that we started Math U See this morning! Mary Clare loved it and I think it will be a good fit for our family. She's doing the first grade program, which is a bit challenging, so we'll take it slowly and work at her own unique pace. Again, that's what I love about homeschooling!

I know I have a lot of readers who don't homeschool or don't even have young kids, so I hope I don't sound boastful. I'm trying to encourage myself as well as other homeschoolers, as we begin this journey. Knowing that next Monday would be the day she would enter "real" kindergarten is a little emotional for me. I loved school growing up, taught school before kids, and still have a teensy bit of a feeling inside that she'll be missing out on something.

And she will. I can admit that. But she'll also be gaining something different...the ability to learn all day long with her family and learn at her perfect pace. She is blessed with a huge network of homeschooling friends who we see several times a week. She'll get to have nature and science clubs, PE class, First Friday class, and we'll get to celebrate so many Church feasts in a special way with our group and our family.

I have continued reading "Real Learning" by Elizabeth Foss, and I highly recommend that book to all homeschoolers. Last night I was reading about having a "tea time" each afternoon. It's a great way to sit together for snacks, have a bible study or talk about the feast day, and even invite friends over to celebrate special days like birthdays and baptism days. I love the idea and will try to integrate it as the year goes by. This could even be done by non-homeschooling moms, a great way for the children to wind down and share about their day at school without running straight to the TV or to start homework. You can bake yummy treats together or just have a healthy snack, and even decorate the table for special days.

Tomorrow we should have our (hopefully) final visit with the orthopedist about Mary Clare's leg. Please keep us in prayer that the x-rays will relieve the small concern they have about an issue unrelated to her injury. I hope the rain slows down for that and a nature club afterwards, and so that we can enjoy our neighborhood pool a bit more before it closes during the week starting Monday.

And I can't finish without a small Stevie update--he's cruising! Pulling up and walking along big boy! I hope to have some pictures up soon.

May your Wednesday be blessed!


Melissa said...

I enjoyed reading this post, thanks Blair for sharing some pros and cons of hsing. You are an amazing mother and teacher to your children. Good luck in the coming weeks!

Neen said...

I found Math-U-See to be an answer to prayers! I agree that they do miss somethings but many of those things they are better to have missed.

Now with Pooker being a Senior that feeling is finaly going away. I look at this beautiful young woman and I know that we made the right decision. I am so glad we homeschool. Her father and I, and even she, would say that homeschooling is the main reason she is as grounded as she is.

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