Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scared of the dark

Mary Clare is scared of the dark. She won't go to sleep at night without Steven or me in the room with her. The other night she had wandered into our bed and started screaming for me. I was doing something and asked her to come here, but she wouldn't come. I went into our room to find her under the covers crying hysterically about a shadow she saw move on the wall. She was too scared to run out of the room to me. Once Mommy or Daddy enters the room, all is well.

But I think I'm like this with Christ sometimes. I am fine all day, doing my own thing and forgetting to speak to him, pray to him. But evening enters (or trials, sufferings, whatever) and then I start screaming...HELP! I'm too frozen to move and can only beg for His help. He always comes through, the fear or trials melt away, and I fall asleep peacefully and all-too-often start a new day without welcoming Him in again.

I pray that as each day passes, I will spend more time with Christ. That little by little I will come to him every morning and not just when I'm "scared of the dark".

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