Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Well, almost better...

...the girls are well at least. Mommy had an allergic reaction (probably from the antibiotic), Daddy has a bit of a tummy bug, and one poor little cousin has now gotten strep :-( Please offer a little prayer that no other family or friends get it, especially any who visit the triplets or any who are moving overseas today! Must rest up so we can get ready for our new house, God-willing! I can't upload my own pics but this is one my mom took from Christmas morning of the girls with their dollhouse, which they LOVE :-)


Lillian said...

Believe it or not, Craig and I got strep too!! Meds have kicked in and we feel better. I'm hoping kids don't get it. Its painful!! You're poorgirls. Glad to hear they're feeling better.

Blair said...

Oh no :( It must really be going around! Hope your kids don't get it either. And hope to see you all on Thursday :)

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