Thursday, January 18, 2007

Enjoy the Process

Our new motto from our friend Enrique. When we're frustrated with wanting things to happen quickly, tired in the work, and ready for it all to be over, we remind ourselves to just "enjoy the process." I think it's a great motto for so many things, not to get bogged up in the details, but just enjoy the process that will one day result in a finished result!

I'm reminding myself of this today. I'm having doubts about the color we chose for the rather large living room. When we first started painting it looked pretty dark and "orangey" (we wanted tan), but we kept going with it and I even stayed up until 4am this morning finishing it up!

But I'm liking it less and less, instead of more. Steven describes it as "burnt orange" and we really don't like that connotation since it's the color of our college arch rival! He just told me we could repaint it, but I'm trying to decide if it's worth the effort, probably 5 or more hours of prep and painting. I can't believe I took off all the tape this morning (see it in the picture). Oh well, we'll update later on our decision but here is the room so can see how it looks orangey in the 2nd picture :-/

Must remember, ENJOY THE PROCESS!!!


Kristen Laurence said...

I have done the same thing. I once painted my living room what I thought was a soft, buttery yellow, but it looked like canary yellow on the walls. I had already painted all four walls, but the color bothered me so much I re-did the entire room in a lighter shade. It was worth the extra two days of work to be pleased with my home for the next year!

Kristen Laurence said...

For the record, the color doesn't look that orangey from your photos. Love those built-in bookcases!

Anonymous said...

yep - I've done the same thing.....why is it so hard to pick out paint and have it look the same on the walls!!! I agree with Kristen...take the time and effort today to get it right - you have to look at it 365 days a year! what's 5 more hours ;) Love the pix of the girls :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is worth getting it to a color that you love, but it doesn't look burnt orange from the pictures. Maybe it would be worth moving some furniture in first?

Devin Rose said...

We also sympathize. Katie and I painted our living room what looked like a light Mediterranean orange color, but once on our walls with cathedral ceilings, the color was quite vibrant and strong.

It has grown on us, however, and we decided to keep it.

Lillian said...

Oh Blair!!

I'm sure you're tired of painting!! Maybe a sprayer could make it go faster? Especially if you don't have to worry about the carpet?

FWIW, its a nice burnt orange but I wouldn't invite any Aggies anytime soon! ;-)

Blair said...

We tried the sprayer with the bookshelf, but it was a big process and seemed to get lots of paint in the air. I think we're going to leave it "golden" for now...everyone says it's more gold than orange, and it looks a bit better with the furniture in...I'll post more pics soon. Thanks for all the input everyone!

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