Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hopefully Week 2 will be better

Mary Clare celebrated her 4th birthday on Tuesday at the doctor office with strep throat + rash a.k.a. Scarlet Fever :( Doctor says it's no different than strep, just that it had a rash. She got a shot of penicillin and is already back to herself! Ellie had a day of vomiting, and a few days of feeling crummy, until we took her back to the doctor this morning...diagnosis: strep throat! So she's had the shot and will hopefully be feeling much better tomorrow.

We're relaxing here at my parents' tonight and still hoping for a closing on our house in the next few days. MC's birthday party will be on Saturday and maybe I'll get our Christmas cards out next week ;)

Our best friends are moving overseas next week, for about 3 years. I'm pretty sad about that. Their house is getting packed today. We'll really miss them :(

I'm looking forward to enjoying our time "in the city" next week with us all feeling better and getting to visit with our family and friends who live on that side of town. But it will really be nice to finally settle in our own house shortly. Can't wait! Have a great weekend and Happy Epiphany to all!


Anonymous said...

What a tough week it has been. I'm so sorry. I hate when the kids get sick. Poor babies. I will pray for a speedy recovery.

Blair said...

Thanks for the prayers! The girls are still not 100% so I think we'll have to wait on the birthday party. I hate disappointing kiddos but at least she doesn't know days of the week yet!

Aunt Katie said...

Sorry to hear the girls are sick! Hope this week is better for you all.

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