Saturday, January 13, 2007

Entering the Dream...

...tomorrow! Most of our things are already in our new garage, but the few things that we had for our temporary housing (thanks so much, Jill!) will move over tomorrow and we'll spend our first night in our new house!!! I am so excited! Last night I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking of all the fun things I want to do. We'll probably do a little painting and put in new carpet next week (perk from Steven's new job), so we won't bring all our furniture in for awhile. I'm just so anxious to get settled and finally enter into the "real" world, the dream we've had for so long.

I've watched those decorating shows on cable here at my parents' house for years, but have never felt able to do much since we were always in a temporary renting situation. But now I can! I was almost jumping up and down when Craig showed me the paint and painting supplies he left for us in the utility room! And Steven is probably going to get me some kind of electric sprayer. I'm going to be a painting maniac, watch out!

We're also so ready to settle...for the girls to feel secure in our own home, not driving back and forth between our home and family members' houses like we have for months. I think it will really help Ellie since she is extremely clingy right now. I can't even go to the bathroom without her! Mary Clare is thrilled to have Isabelle's lilac room and it's going to be lots of fun finding spots for all the toys and for our future homeschooling area. We moved some boxes today from my teaching days that had been in our friends' garage for about 5 years!

And praise God, everyone is well! My rash has gotten much better, so I didn't have to see a doctor. I still have some parts of my face that are red and itchy, but nothing like earlier in the week. Thanks for all the prayers! I'm thrilled to get to go to our new parish tomorrow evening and to start praying about our involvement. Because of Steven's work and school schedule, we really haven't been able to participate in many parish activities together. We're both very excited about that and looking forward to more weekends and evenings as a family. Steven has really enjoyed going out to Little Way Farm and checking on the cattle. It will be a relaxing place for us to venture to when we need a break from suburbia.

Okay, back to TLC and HGTV for a bit before bedtime. We had a special treat tonight when the girls both fell asleep on the way home from our evening activities. I'll miss my nights here at my parents' with cable (we don't have TV), and I'm a bit sad that we didn't get to spend the time with Steven's family I was hoping to because of illness. But most of all I'm THRILLED to be entering the dream...

(Thanks for listening to my gab. Hopefully I'll get pics up this week!)

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