Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fun Outside!

Yesterday morning we spent a few hours outside, swinging in the backyard and then walking to our nearby park. It's great to have a big backyard and park so close by. And it was nice to have a little bit of semi-sunshine amidst these rainy January days. We're so thankful for our new home! God has truly blessed us.

Mary Clare on the tire swing

Ellie in the baby swing

Walking to the park...you can see our house in the background :)

Playing at the park, only a few blocks away. There's a pool even closer, which will be great for the summer! You can also see the estate neighborhood being built behind our neighborhood...very nice


Anonymous said...

This looks like a wonderful neighborhood for the kids. I love the sidewalks. I wish we had some. Congratulations on your new home!

Kristen Laurence said...

Beautiful pictures, Blair. Is it okay to have backyard jealousy?! :)

Blair said...

Thanks, ladies. Kristen, it's okay to have backyard jealousy if I can have beach jealousy! My hubby wants to retire at the beach one day (he LOVES fishing!), but the TX beaches aren't anything to get too excited about!

Lillian said...

Oh, you're making me homesick!! Glad you guys are having so much fun! We hope to get our altar up this weekend!

Anonymous said...

We sure miss having you all to walk with! But your yard and neighborhood park look wonderful!

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