Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Un-Super Size Me!

I've been motivated to really work on my eating and exercising habits recently after watching the documentary Super Size Me about a man who lives on 3 McDonald's Value Meals every day for a month and discusses the effects the fast food industry has had on Americans. I grew up on fast food, literally eating McDonald's hamburgers or Hartz fried chicken almost every night as a child as I went to dance class. My involvement in dance is probably the only thing that kept me pretty healthy!

Now that I'm a mom, I'm noticing how our eating habits greatly effects our family life. Just sitting down to eat lunch or dinner together can be so hard, but is so important. It's easy for me to just grab fast food. I'm trying harder to cook meals and keep a good supply of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats on hand. I also made my first loaf of bread last week (picture below, it was delicious!). Steven cooks a lot which really helps, but it's still a constant struggle for me.

Then today I found a good transitional option for me! I had a mom's group this morning and knew I didn't have much in the house to make for lunch. So I went to Souper Salad, which has a to-go option where I got a box to fill with salad, fruit, and pasta and a bag for baked goods (baked potato, bread)...all for under $4!!! I thought that was a really good deal to feed me and the two girls, much cheaper and healthier than fast food. Not to mention the workout I got while trying to fill the to-go box, hold a wallet, push Ellie in a high chair, and chase Mary Clare who was pushing herself around the restaurant in another high chair! A little challenging, but worth the extra work.

My next goal is to figure out a way to exercise. I just learned of a mom's walking group nearby which could be a good option for me. I've also considered taking some dance classes, since that was the exercise method of choice for me during most of my early life, something I know I'd enjoy. I haven't decided if I'll put Mary Clare in dance again this fall either. We've got to tighten up as Steven finishes out his last semester of school. But I do think exercise needs to be a priority for me. I watched Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church on TV at my parents' this weekend and he talked about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy...doing our work so God can work His work in us. So I better go nap while I have the opportunity...those are rare!


Angoraknitter said...

That's a beautiful bread braid! When we were in Texas, we loved Jason's deli. Certain nights of the week, the kids ate free. When we're out and tempted to go to Burger King, we've started going to our local (military commissary) sub shop. The sandwiches are awesome, and I get feed myself, the kids with a foot long for less than a trip to BK and feel better for it too, and be just as full.

Lillian said...

Oh what a beautiful braided bread!!

And that movie Super Size Me!! I ran out and rented it last night and oh my gosh!! Startling! Craig fell alseep during it so we'll have to watch it again ..... so he can understand why I'm going to be making drastic changes around here!!

Anonymous said...

I love your positive attitude, Blair! I don't know if I would take my two little ones to Souper Salad alone...that's...daunting. lol I LOVE that place though.

Charlie watched that movie several months ago...between that and my family's history of type 2 diabetes, we have been very careful about how we eat. It's really a satisfying change though, once you make it!

Birdie said...

That bread looks really yummy!

Blair said...

Thanks for the compliments on my bread, ladies! It was actually really easy, Challah bread, a traditional Jewish bread....mmmm, I want to go make another!

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