Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Tonight while out to eat (again!) at a cafeteria, Mary Clare kept running around and wasn't obeying very well. So she didn't get any jello. As we were getting in the car I told her I was sad that she wasn't obeying and how I love her and want her to show how she loves me by doing what I ask. This topic came up at our couples' group after reading the verse "If you love me then you will keep my commandments."

I told her I don't like her running away from me because she could get lost. She said she wouldn't get lost. And I said, "but someone could take you away." "Who?" she asked. I didn't reply, wondering if she was old enough for the stranger talk. She was thinking hard and said, "You mean like Spiderman? What does Spiderman look like?"

I just chuckled. She's so innocent that I hate to have to tell her there is evil in the world. But I guess it's about time. Last week Steven was commenting on soldiers or something and said the word war. She asked what war is and he said he'd tell her when she got older. I'm sad that my little girls will have to learn about evil soon :( We already had to tell her about death when our friends' 2 year old daughter died in June :(

I wish that the only bad thing she would know of in her life would be Spiderman. I wish we were back in the Garden of Eden. I can't wait to put up a beautiful print of the Garden I got from Rome, when we get a house. If it weren't for that old Adam and Eve and the apple, my life as a mother would be so much easier!!!

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