Thursday, August 24, 2006

Trip to H-Town

MC was playing with her almost-5-yr-old cousin E yesterday. They were playing really well together for an hour or two. Then we started hearing them arguing and pronouncing the all-girl threats "Then I won't be your friend anymore!" Finally we realized they were arguing and crying over....A PURPLE RUBBER BAND!!! Steven put it away. Mary Clare was crying and whining, "but I never get to play with rubber bands very much!" Then E started saying the same thing. Finally sister-in-law (E's mom) found some other rubber bands and gave both MC and E their own rubber band and we all went home. Apparently they were using them as collars for their stuffed puppies. Who would've guessed that a little rubber band could cause that much turmoil!

Well, we also got to see other sis-in-law, the one who is nearing the halfway mark in her pregnancy with triplets! And we got to see the home my in-laws are almost done remodeling. A quick trip to the Galleria so we could visit hubby's favorite...the Mac store! And the girls fell asleep on the way home. Ahhh, sweet car silence! I'll post some recent pics later, but as for now, hubby has Ellie in the tub since she was covered head to toe in yogurt, and I must get cleaned up to run errands and go to daily mass :)

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aunt jill said...

Hi Blair and Girls!! and we'll say hi to Steven :) too - maybe he'll blog for us now. I am sitting here with Bop-bop in H-town and he said to tell the girls that the next time they come for a visit he will have their flags flying!

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