Wednesday, August 30, 2006


My message today (through spiritual guidance): simplify. How do I do that? I'm not so sure yet, but I'm sure the Lord in his great love will answer me. I know I need to simplify (aka declutter) our home. I know I need to simplify our meals adding more fresh fruits and veggies and simple meats, doing more baking rather than buying snack foods. I know I need to simplify my daily life by staying off the computer, having simple housework goals (today: fold laundry and do dishes), and enjoying ourselves at home more. I know I like to complicate things and keep my days full of outside activities, but like little Saint Therese I need to just take each minute as it comes and offer to God every little joy and sacrifice. Right now I need to go change a dirty diaper with love...may it convert a soul!

Sometimes I forget how something as simple as baking cookies can make for such a beautiful memory and joyful afternoon. Mary Clare and Ellie had so much fun using the cookie cutters, eating the cookie dough, and especially eating their final products! And I was SO happy to finally find a sugar cookie recipe that makes for soft, smooth cookies that aren't too sweet or sugary. Mary Clare was still thanking me today for letting them bake cookies. The simple things...

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