Friday, August 25, 2006

A few pics...

Here are the girls on our walk to their grandparents' new house in the middle of a remodel. Notice the new (used) stroller I got for my walking it!

Ellie loves to write. Here she is at Grampatti and Bop-Bop's house with a newspaper:

We read the other night about the Berenstain Bears' Messy Room. This is almost always how Mary Clare's floor looks. She has done this with books since before she could walk. If anyone has ideas at how to keep bedrooms clean, especially the bookshelf, please share!


Lillian said...

NICE stroller!!! What about a big basket for the books. Bookshelves are sometimes hard for little ones. Kolbe can't keep his books and dinosaurs on them either. I'm getting him big baskets until he can put his stuff away.

Anonymous said...

I put the bookshelf inside the closet and shut the doors because I got tired of picking up books all the time!

Anonymous said...

I used baskets too in Andrew's room -- it is so much easier than trying to put the books back on the shelf! Then I put the baskets on the shelf.

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