Saturday, July 07, 2012

So Proud of my Swimming Stevie!

Steven Joseph has been taking 2 swim lessons each week for the past two weeks.  He's made amazing progress with his wonderful instructor who happens to be a homeschooled young lady who is also one of the swim team coaches.  She's a great teacher with reasonable rates!

Here's the little fish!

And here's little brother trapped in the stroller with his apple (he LOVES apples!). 
He lasted less than 5 minutes before demanding to get in the pool!

Happy baby :)

The girls were playing in the deep end.  I'm so glad we can use the pool to swim while he's in his lesson.  This is the pool that is super expensive to join, so we just use it for swim team and swim lessons (and a few playdates with the neighbor), and that way we get to enjoy it without the exorbitant costs!

And here's a little Instagram pic of MC with Thomas. 
She was playing so sweetly with him while I took these videos of SJ.

Here are the videos.  I couldn't figure out how to use the video on my new camera, so the quality isn't so good, but you get the idea!  He can take 1 and sometimes 2 breaths, and he loves to jump off the diving board!  Yay, Steven Joseph!

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