Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Last week I was working hard at trying to overcome our internet addiction!  We'd gotten into the habit of letting the kids watch Netflix and play on their kid websites for too many hours each day.  So we turned off the computer and I tried to keep the kids busy with crafts, projects, and outings.  It was a good week.  One morning we hit the Aquarium.  It was exhausting going myself with all 4 kids in the heat, but they loved it! 

Thomas wasn't so thrilled at being stuck in the stroller-full-of-gear!

And no strollers allowed into the bird show so we strolled around for a few minutes and took a picture of the Lexington.

"I'm not happy to be in this stroller."

They were nearly out of seats so the kids watched the bird show standing in the middle here.  We've seen these same shows about a handful of times now, so I guess the kids are well-versed in the facts about these birds, the dolphins, and the underwater diver show!

We love watching the sea turtles!

I think my favorite place at the aquarium is under the dolphin tank.  It's so peaceful.

It's definitely my favorite spot for photos!

Steven Joseph was trying to race the dolphins!

Soon we were ready to cool off at the splash pad!

Our lunch was forgotten at home, so we got a Dippin' Dots ice cream treat to tide us over!

And we made a quick walk through the indoor exhibits before rushing home for some lunch and naptime!

I love the way this photo shows what things are like during our family outings...Thomas always wants his shoes off, a sister is often chasing him down, and SJ is trying to hang or climb on something he's not supposed to!
Fun days with my kiddos!

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Mary said...

Thomas looked much happier in the splash pad!

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