Monday, July 02, 2012

Monday Motivation

Well, I skipped last week, and this week is going to be another busy one!  We're all recovering from the whirlwind of the last few days as we attended the various services for little Avery.  We're going to stay in town for the 4th, and then will get ready to visit with family for a week or so while my brother's family is in town!  I'll just list out a few completed goals and main goals for the coming weeks.

~Started book club and read first two chapters, hosting again tomorrow (house nearly cleaned!)
~Had dental visits for myself and all 4 kids
~Started Ellie in summer piano with a new teacher (MC thinks she wants to try this week)
~Started Steven Joseph in swim lessons, scheduled his 3rd lesson for tomorrow
~Had a fun family evening shell-hunting at the beach this past weekend
~Wrote checks to pay off 3 medical bills and one student loan bill!!! 

To Do:
~Survive book club tomorrow, read next 2 chapters and start my "rule of life"
~Mail the bills!
~Help coordinate a party at church on July 4th
~Work on personal health...exercise, eating, sleep, prayer (I've fallen off the wagon!)
~Work out details of visit with family
~Reschedule visit to Mt Carmel Home

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