Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thomas' story


I've been planning to type this up for months and months.  I had so many funny photos from my pregnancy with Thomas that I wanted to put here on the blog.  Finally, I've been able to put them together over the past week to keep my mind busy and keep from worrying about his brother's big day.  Today we celebrate our THOMAS!

Thomas' story started with a doctor visit and bloodwork adventure and some siblings who were quite confused at what exactly we were doing!

I think they figured it out when I parked here!

One of his first ultrasound pictures!

One of my first attempts at a belly pic!

And the doctor office adventures really begin!

growing belly pictured on my new iPhone and new Nikon that spring!  I got some pretty good birthday and mother's day presents that year!

Cute baby on 4D ultrasound, giving us a thumbs-up Gig'em sign below!

A tired, pregnant mommy resting on July 4th at Grampatti's!

 Thomas got to visit California in-utero!

It's a small world!

Back home for my weekly shots to keep baby in-place.
Can you find Steven Joseph in this picture???

Always fun times in the waiting room!

Ahhh.  A day at the doctor without the kids!

Wrestling on the waiting room floor was a weekly occurrence.

But still some of the time it was just me and my baby belly at our appointments.

After the waiting room sagas, then we'd usually have another long period of waiting in the exam room.  Keeping them entertained in there was quite a project!

But we were always so grateful to see the ultrasound tech Angie and get a peek at our sweet little one!

Who would hit the elevator buttons first?  Always a race!

Growing belly pics continue...

All those hours waiting at Dr. R's office...He was an amazing doctor, but they have got to figure out a better scheduling plan!

Loved that parking space near LaMadeleine.  This was probably my last solo adventure getting some lunch to eat before baby.

Very close....

Sitting at Dr. R's office once again. This time I had a hospital bracelet on since I had just spent some time over there concerned about being in labor.  We did an ultrasound, and he did an exam and found that I WAS in labor!

No more waiting!  It was baby time!  Here's Daddy suiting up!

Our sweet 7 lb angel.  37 weeks and he did great!

Happy Mama to be through that medical adventure with a healthy baby in arms.

So grateful to God for Thomas William!  He was worth all the craziness of those appointments!

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