Thursday, September 15, 2011

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 Ellie finally got to join the homemaking club!  Here she is learning to embroider.

Steven was so happy to get to be with his best buddy and the preschoolers while the girls were at their club meeting.
and Thomas was very happy to get to play with this favorite wooden toy!

All sorts of plans for stories, songs, and crafts had been made for the preschoolers.  Instead, they preferred playing with trucks in the dirt in the backyard.


a real tea party set for some beautiful little ladies!

Also, I really appreciate all the encouraging words and prayers that you are offering for us right now.  They will be what gets us through this next week, and also the difficult recovery days afterwards.  Yep, exactly one week until we'll be handing over our boy for his big open heart surgery.  Please pray he is well enough for surgery; we're still facing some cold symptoms over here.  We will be hunkering down this weekend, well, except for his big overnight fishing trip with Daddy that has been in the works for awhile!  I hope they catch lots of fish!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!


Holly@ThreeSidedWheel said...

Sending prayers your way for a quick recover and healing! Thanks for sharing your {phfr} pictures!

Linny said...

Oh! I want to join the tea party! How cute!

Kate said...

Just popping over from Abigail's because of your comment about the upcoming heart surgery! My prayers are with you in a special way for peace, strength, and comfort - and of course healing! Our son's 3rd hospitalization was to fix his VSD, done open heart due to the size. He has 3 major heart defects, and has been LOTS of scary stuff, and the open heart was his quickest and easiest recovery yet! I have a special place in my own heart and my prayers for cardiac kids and their families!

Leila said...

God bless! Praying for surgery, surgeons, and healing!

Anonymous said...

Goodness that is scary. Yes prayers for your little boy during his surgery.

justamouse said...

Adding in my prayers, and for you, too.

Unknown said...

Your family is so BEAUTIFUL!

I'm going to Carmel this weekend. I'll ask for extra prayers for your sweet boy. Hope he comes through that open heart surgery with flying colors. He's a member of the "Sacred Heart Club" in a special way.

I just had a beautiful dinner party with a miracle heart surgery boy from Children's Hospital last week. Surgery can work FANTASTIC! It will be an honor for his Mommy and me to pray for you in a special way this month.

Have no fear!

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