Monday, September 12, 2011

They're famous!

Photo by MckMama

We had family photos taken by MckMama this weekend and she posted this one of the boys on her "famous" blog!  She happened to be staying very close to our house and doing photoshoots at a local park, so we were able to schedule a shoot at the last minute for our first "real" professional family photos!  Yay!  It may be a few weeks before we get them, but this little preview makes me very excited to see the rest!

Still asking for prayers, that God might hold us up and grant our weary hearts and minds rest as we get through these next couple weeks.  The kids all have runny noses, so I'm requesting prayers that Steven Joseph stay well enough to have the surgery next week.  I really can't imagine the anxiety and anticipation of having to push it back another month.  But it's all in God's hands.  I surely can't handle any of this myself!

1 comment:

Catherine Anne said...

Lifting you all in prayer!
Love the photo and how fun to have your fam photos taken by MM. Blessings in him, Catherine Anne

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