Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Change of Plans

The surgery has been postponed until Friday morning.  There was a newborn baby who is very sick and needs to take Steven Joseph's slot tomorrow.  We are forced to be patient and trust that God has it all orchestrated together.  This will allow me to be with the girls at co-op and ballet tomorrow and hopefully allow for some good rest, two nights at home before the big day.  And Friday is the memorial of St. Padre Pio!

We ask for continued prayers for trust, hope, and peace during these days.  I also ask for prayers for the sick little baby and all hearts in urgent need of healing.  I'm thankful that Steven is so healthy.  Being at the hospital all day today reminds me of this.  It also reminds me of how blessed we are to have such a wonderful hospital and staff that specializes in pediatric cardiac surgery here in town.  They are amazing and it was a good day.

We had a wonderful celebration of Thomas' birthday with Steven's side of the family tonight.  We love our boys and cherish each smile, each birthday, and each of their crazy antics!  Thanks to all of you who have sent special messages, gifts, calls, and prayers our way.

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