Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swim Team 2011

The Sharks have started their season! Actually it started in April, and last weekend was the Practice Meet. They took team photos the night before. Here's my attempt at the group; the quality is horrible...oh well.

You can see the girls on the bottom 2 rows, Mary Clare behind Ellie.

It was quite a morning! We had to tag team with a sick Steven Joseph, so Daddy missed all the swimming. Here's Ellie getting ready for her first event, 25m freestyle!

She led the pack! Actually she was #6 in her age group for both strokes! It's her 3rd year in the 6 & Under age group, so she has quite an advantage! Here are Ellie's times at the practice meet, so we can look back and compare at the end of the season:
Freestyle: 46.50
Backstroke: 54.94

Here's big sister gearing up for her turn at freestyle!

Mary Clare swam really well. Her times:
Freestyle: 31.66
Breaststroke: 45.75
Backstroke: 41.54

Way to go, girls! This weekend was the first meet, but we had to miss with the sickness going around the family. Hopefully next week everyone will be rearing to go!

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