Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

We finally found what we were looking for! A nice fridge for sale nearby. I enjoy my online classified shopping, and am so happy when we get a great deal on something for the house. I just realized that in the past 6 months we've needed a new dishwasher, washing machine, and fridge! Yikes!

Steven picked up the fridge last night and we got everything moved over. Still need a small part to get the ice and water hooked up, and then we'll really be living large! A huge fridge with ice and water on the door; we've had enough of ice trays. Hopefully the constant demands by SJ for "COLD WATER WITH ICE" will be more easily fulfilled. The kids can get a drink themselves without needing to climb on the counter for ice and cups! I also made a mini-run to IKEA on Sunday to stock up on the kid cups, bowls, and plates which we've put in a basket in a lower cabinet more accessible for the kids.

I laughed after filling the fridge; we could put almost the entire contents of our old fridge in the DOOR of this one! Now I can stock up at the grocery store. Just need some healthy children so I can actually get out to the grocery store! The boys are still pretty miserable today.

The only disappointment last night was that Steven went on another "goose chase" for a wrought iron patio table and chairs, after picking up the fridge. We had some communication problems with the seller and he arrived to find no one home! I guess we're still on the lookout for a (very cheap) patio set. It's going to be terribly hot very soon in Texas, so it would likely be several months before we'd use it anyway. More time to scour the online classifieds!

Better get the girls back to their "real school" lessons. They've been coordinating a preschool for Steven this morning, with workbooks, crafts, and all. My cute little teachers!

And a quick prayer update: Little Arden seems to be doing better. Hopefully they have gotten the right medicines/doses to keep her heart at a normal rate. Please continue to keep her in prayer!

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theresa EH said...

Be still my heart,,,,an ice maker ;P

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