Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Somebunny turned 6!

Once you see all these pictures, you'll know why I've gotten a week and a half behind in sharing our events of the past couple weeks! Over 200 from Ellie's Bunny Birthday!

Started on Good Friday with Daddy and BopBop here. We went to Confession and to lunch at Double Dave's Pizza. After Maria came to do her magic (the cleaning lady), NeNe and PaPa came over to help get ready for the party! Here they are putting together favor bags while I was filling hundreds of Easter eggs behind the camera!

She insisted on a bunny pinata, but we couldn't find one and I thought it would be much cheaper just to make one!

A diaper box, packing tape, and crepe paper did the job! But then we forgot about it at the party and saved it for a few days later to do with some friends who couldn't make her party.

I spent lots of time decorating but I think this is the only photo of the cute table area with pompoms hanging (from MC's party), and bunny decor all over. We served fruit, pancakes, and OJ for her morning party.

It was a gorgeous day to spend out in the backyard!

My friend Jackie took my camera and got lots of amazing photos of many of the guests. I was so happy to have such nice photos taken while I was running around!

Here the kids are getting ready for the egg hunt!

WOW! It was hard to believe that this many kids were hunting eggs in my front yard! Too bad I had changed the camera settings and made the photos way too bright!

Then we moved to the backyard for cookie cake and presents. Steven tore down the swingset a few weeks ago because it was rotting and getting dangerous. Hopefully Santa will bring a new one! But it's been nice to have so much space to use in the yard.

I started the bunny cookie cake at about midnight the night before. Decided to make lots of "egg" cookies instead of multiple bunnies.

She was so sweet opening presents with her sister and friends.

She got 2 pillow pets!

and lots of homemade creative cards, one even had an original poem!

Mmmm, watermelon. I'd cut and seeded about half of it at 12:30 that morning on a bath towel on the kitchen floor!

friend and boy cousins!

A typical pose of BopBop. So thankful to have had his help again that week before. He's becoming a monthly visitor and is a great help to me with my crazy house full of kids!

Since there wasn't enough excitement, I bought 5 dozen eggs and hard boiled them the night before. Time for dyeing eggs!

And that's a wrap. I'm tired just looking at these again! It's been a busy few weeks! Next up: Easter, Easter week, honeybees and First Communion! Now to bed...

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